"Improving our member's fitness, lives & welfare by providing a fully inclusive community to train, grow & thrive in."


Talk to a coach, discuss your goals and check out our  gym facility to see what Aeternum CrossFit is all about. Feel free to bring a friend if you like.

This is a great way for you to see if Aeternum CrossFit is a good fit for you. We’ll also answer all your questions about membership, pricing and our fitness programs including CrossFit, nutrition coaching and one-on-one personal training.


What training or nutrition option is best for me? 

What kind of movements/exercises can I expect?

I've not done any fitness recently/ at all, will I be able to do this? 

How can you tailor training to suit my needs?

If I do want to compete, how does that work? 

What kind of results can I expect? 

How often should I come? 

How do I start? 

How long until I see results?

We understand what it feels like to be unhealthy, sad, depressed and not know how to get (and stay) motivated to workout and eat healthy. You deserve to feel good and be happy. We have helped so many people just like you, lose weight, get rid of their high blood pressure, control diabetes and become healthy and happy. Why not you?

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About Us

The Aeternum Coaches


All of our coaches are officially CrossFit qualified and have a wealth of experience in the fitness industry, both as coaches and competitors. Approachable and friendly, they have the knowledge required (and much more) to help you achieve your goals. You will not find better coaches for CrossFit in Fife!

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Class Timetable


Our world class CrossFit programme is delivered by our experienced trainers.  They will scale/modify every workout to suit your ability and fitness levels, ensuring that you get the most out of every class. Lasting an hour, no two days are the same and the results are dramatic. 

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The "workout of the day".  A different WOD will be scheduled for each daily session at our gym and displayed on Wodify (our performance tracking software and booking system).  Our workouts are based on functional movements, constantly varied and performed at high intensity relative to the individual's fitness and ability. We aim to deliver the best programming for CrossFit in Fife.

What is CrossFit?

The Power of CrossFit

"We sit collectively in unique possession of an elegant ... solution to chronic disease. And that's what's happening in your boxes."

—CrossFit Founder Greg Glassman

Aeternum CrossFit

Why Us?

At Aeternum CrossFit we have built an inclusive and friendly community to support you, your fitness goals and give you the best experience of CrossFit in Fife.

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Updates at Aeternum

Aeternum CrossFit is under new ownership and is embarking on an improvement programme across our services. We aim to give our members the best value for money and experience of CrossFit in Fife. 

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Helpful answers to questions about our gym, your fitness goals or trying out CrossFit in Fife. 

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Aeternum CrossFit

Unit 4 Lochgelly Business Park, Auchtederran Road,Lochgelly, Fife. KY5 9HF Scotland

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